Professor Jim Bishop

Fulbright Professional Coral Sea Scholarship (Business/Industry)

The Professional Coral Sea Scholarship (Business/Industry) allows the recipient to undertake a short course of study or research at a U.S. educational institution, to study and/or research an identified problem or opportunity relevant to Australian industry or business.

Fulbright Professional Opportunities

The Fulbright Professional scholarship allows mid-career professionals in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to undertake training or research programs in the U.S. This scholarship is also open to mid-career academics whose primary research has professional or industry links, and goes across all disciplines.

Fulbright Professional Scholarship In Australia-United States Alliance Studies

The Scholarship aims to contribute in a practical way to contemporary Australian scholarship on the Australia-U.S. alliance relationship. It is a condition of the Scholarship that the recipient produces a tangible contribution to contemporary debate in his or her area of specialty in the format of a report, which can be used by DFAT, and/or published with an appropriate accreditation.

Fulbright Professional Scholarship In Non-Profit Leadership

The Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Non-Profit Leadership provides an opportunity for an emerging leader in the NFP sector to undertake a program of research and/or professional development in the U.S. with an approved U.S. charitable organisation.

Fulbright Senior Scholarship (K-State)

The Fulbright Senior Scholarship Sponsored by Kansas State University is for senior academics, government scientists or other key researchers to undertake a collaborative project at Kansas State University (K-State) in the U.S