Senator Fulbright

Fulbright Australia is a non-profit organisation sponsored by the U.S. and Australian governments and other institutional and business partners, private bequests and endowments.

The Fulbright Program in Australia, and around the world, has a rich history and proud legacy supporting educational excellence and cultural exchange. The Commission relies on many individuals to meet its goals, to forge new ground in the area of partnerships and scholarships, and to provide a rigorous, equitable and professional environment for all scholarship applicants and recipients. The central focus is to develop long-lasting, productive bilateral relations, partnerships and connections between Australia and the U.S.


To be the leading scholarship program between Australia and U.S. that is recognised for its quality, values and opportunities, realised through a strong network of national, regional and global collaborations.


Fulbright Australia promotes education and cultural exchange between Australia and the United States in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen relations between the two countries. The Commission facilitates this through the implementation of the Fulbright program and other scholarships and exchanges.

Values and Principles

The Board of Directors, Staff, Selection Committee Members and State Secretaries are committed to:

  • Fairness and equal opportunity;
  • Supporting the development of professional, academic and personal excellence; and
  • Running an effective and efficient organisation, and providing high quality service.

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