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Fulbright partners support the very best Australian and U.S. researchers as they develop cures for cancer or bring hearing to the deaf; as they explore innovative ideas to address food bio-security or global environmental issues, or as they help us understand who we are are through the humanities and creative arts.

We are a non for profit organisation, sponsored by the United States and Australian governments, and reliant also on institutional and business partners, private bequests, endowments and donations of alumni expressing their gratitude for the opportunities they gained during their Fulbright experience. This support enables us to continue to meet our goals and forge new ground in developing long-lasting and productive connections between Australia and United States. In turn, our partners, sponsors and donors value being a part of the Fulbright Commission’s strong network of national, regional and global collaborations.

The Fulbright Commission is specifically legislated as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) under Section 30-25(2), Item 2.2.28 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Donations of $2 or more supporting Fulbright Scholarships are tax-deductible.

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Establish an Endowment

In 2015 the Australian Government’s Department of Indigenous Affairs endowed a grant of $1 million to the Fulbright Commission to fund a Fulbright Indigenous Scholarship to be awarded each year in perpetuity. This endowment reflects the enduring relationship between the Australian Government and the Commission and negates the need for the Fulbright Commission to renegotiate new funding arrangements for our Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander scholarships.

Support the Fulbright Coral Sea Scholarships Fund

Established in 1992 by the Coral Sea Commemorative Council to recognise the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, this scholarship was designed to acknowledge the friendship, cooperation and mutual respect which has developed between the United States and Australia since the Battle of the Coral Sea. Each year, recipients of the scholarship research identified problems or opportunities relevant to Australian business or industry, through 3-4 months’ study in the United States.

Support the Fulbright WG Walker Memorial Alumni Fund

The Inaugural President of the Australian Fulbright Alumni Association was Professor Bill Walker, a two-time Fulbright winner. It was his energy and enthusiasm that was the driving force behind the establishment of the Association. To acknowledge Bill Walker’s significant contributions to the Association and the Fulbright program, it was decided in 1992 to fund the WG Walker Memorial Fulbright Scholarship in partnership with the Fulbright Commission. The scholarship funds one Australian postgraduate scholar each year.

Support a Fulbright State Scholarship Fund

Fulbright state/territory scholarships aim to encourage and profile research relevant to each state/territory, and assist in the building of international research links with between local and U.S. research institutions. These scholarships are supported by state/territory governments, companies, universities, private donors and other stakeholders. State funds currently exist for New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland.