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Malcolm Feeley Distinguished Chair

Home InstitutionUniversity of California
Host InstitutionFlinders University
Award NameFulbright-Flinders University Distinguished Chair in American Political Science (sponsored by Flinders University)
DisciplinePolitical Science
Award Year2012

“Over the past thirty years, the movement for privatisation of prisons has made substantial gains in the US, Great Britain, and Australia. As of 2010, over thirty states in the US have at least one private prison and many more privately operated jails; Great Britain has at least eleven private prisons; and Australia has at least seven.”

Professor Malcolm Feeley, Professor in law in the University of California, Berkeley has been awarded one of two Fulbright Flinders University Distinguished Chairs in American Political Science. Malcolm will come to Australia for five months to undertake research into privatisation in the criminal justice system in Australia as part of a comparative study he is undertaking of the subject in the US, England and Australia.

“I am engaged in a policy history of the role of entrepreneurs in developing the modern criminal justice system in the United States, England, and Australia,” Malcolm said.

“I am particularly interested in the role of private contractors in operating prisons and private police. I have examined private contractors in supplying police services and running jails and prisons in the United States (and to a lesser extent England and the Continent), and the next obvious place to look is Australia—New South Wales is reported to have the highest proportion of prison inmates held in private prisons than any other single jurisdiction in the world.”

Malcolm has a BA in Political Science and English from Austin College Texas; an MA in Political Science and Sociology of Law from the University of Minnesota; and a PhD in Political Science, University of Minnesota. He has an eminent teaching career and has published widely. He has received many awards including being appointed as a Russell Sage Foundation Fellow; and the Silver Gavel Award, American Bar Association. He has had a term as President American Law and Society Association. He has also been awarded numerous fellowships and grants.

Professor Mary Brydon-Miller PhD Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionUniversity of Louisville
Host InstitutionUniversity of Technology Sydney
Award NameFulbright Scholar Award, Funded by the University of Technology Sydney
DisciplineDesign, Architecture and Building
Award Year2022

Mary  is Professor in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville. She is a participatory researcher who conducts work in school, organization, and community settings. She is the editor, with David Coghlan, of the SAGE Encyclopedia of Action Research. Her most recent book with Sarah Banks is Ethics in Participatory Research for Health and Social Well-Being: Cases and Commentaries. She is currently working on an international middle-school citizen science project focused on global climate change education. She is a recipient of the 2021-2022 Fulbright Scholar Award at the University of Technology Sydney.

Mary’s Fulbright research explores the knowledge, values, and behaviors of young people related to sustainability and climate change action. The research will provide youth aged eleven to fourteen with opportunities to learn about climate change by designing and implementing a project-based learning experience using an educational action research approach.

Professor Iqbal Husain Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionNorth Carolina State University
Host InstitutionCurtin University, University of New South Wales, and The University of Queensland
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
DisciplinePower Electronics and Energy
Award Year2022

Iqbal Husain is the ABB Distinguished Professor in the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and the Director of the FREEDM Engineering Research Center at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. Professor Husain’s expertise is in the areas of power electronics, electric machines, motor drives, renewable energy and system controls. His current research is focused on distributed energy resource integration into power systems and transportation electrification with wide bandgap power electronic devices and all-electric powertrain with permanent magnet and reluctance machines. Husain received the Fulbright Scholar award for research on renewable energy integration into the power system and electrification of mining equipment.

Dr Ateev Mehrotra Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionHarvard Medical School
Host InstitutionCentre for Online Health, The University of Queensland
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
DisciplineHealth Policy
Award Year2020

Ateev is a physician and an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Health Care Policy. His research focuses on the growing use of telemedicine in the United States and its impact on improving the care patients receive and increasing access to rural communities.  

During his Fulbright Scholarship he will partner with hosts at the Centre for Online Health to compare how telemedicine is being used in the United States and Australia. In both countries, the use of this promising technology is growing rapidly, but which conditions is telemedicine being used to treat? Is it reaching the most underserved populations? Findings will inform clinical practice, policy discussions, and reimbursement policies in both countries. 

Johannes Janssens Postdoctoral Scholars

Home InstitutionUniversity of Melbourne
Host InstitutionCedars-Sinai Medical Center
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
DisciplineMolecular and Cellular Cardiology
Award Year2022

Johannes aspires to be a leader in the field of heart disease diagnostics and therapy development. His strength as a problem solver is to think unconventionally and creatively to find new solutions. He is completing his PhD in the laboratory of Professor Lea Delbridge at the University of Melbourne. His research focus is understanding how defects in sugar metabolism can damage the heart muscle of people living with diabetes.

The Fulbright Future Scholarship provides the ideal opportunity for Johannes to immerse himself in the academic and commercial research environment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, under the direction of the world-renowned proteomics expert Professor Jennifer Van Eyk. His goal is to identify the precise molecular defects involved in diabetic heart damage as a starting point for developing precision diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Dr Arman Siahvashi Postdoctoral Scholars

Home InstitutionThe University of Western Australia
Host InstitutionU.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Colorado School of Mines (CSM)
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
DisciplineChemical/Process Engineering and Thermodynamics
Award Year2020

Arman is a postdoctoral research fellow at The University of Western Australia. He has been named as one of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers, ExxonMobil Student Scientist of the Year 2018 and received Australia’s National Measurement Institute Prize. He has been finalist for Western Australian Innovator of the Year awards in 2018 and 2019. These are in the recognition of his multi-disciplinary research which led to the invention of a high-precision apparatus that helps solve problems facing the liquefied hydrogen and natural gas industry: plant shutdowns due to the blockages caused by freeze-out of impurities. His research has also led to a collaboration with scientists at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory due to its relevance to some Lunar hydrogen projects and also dissolution geology of Saturn’s moon, Titan.

For his Fulbright Future Scholarship, Arman will establish new collaborations and work with the world’s best researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Colorado School of Mines to generate unique data that have not been measured previously with direct impact on the energy industry and space science in Australia and the U.S. His work helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions, improves plant operation safety and risk assessments, and drives economic growth and sustainable development.

Daniel Sequoia Hackett Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionUniversity of Tasmania
Host InstitutionPennsylvania State University
Award NameFulbright Tasmania Scholarship, Funded by the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government
DisciplineManagement of Wilderness and Wild Places
Award Year2023

Daniel is a twenty-year veteran of the Tasmanian tourism industry, and is known for his Tasmanian and Australian tourism award-winning protected area and wilderness operations. Daniel is currently undertaking a PhD in Environmental Studies at the University of Tasmania, investigating theoretical and policy frameworks behind the mapping, designation and management of wild places and soundscapes as wilderness.

Daniel’s Fulbright Scholarship will further his studies with host Pennsylvania State University, and will include new data collection and research relating to the experience of remoteness in wilderness areas featuring air access and overflights.

Somya Mehra Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionUniversity of Melbourne
Host InstitutionHarvard University
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
Award Year2020

Somya is currently a research assistant at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and Burnet Institute. Over the past two years, she has been researching the epidemiology of malaria, with a focus on parasite genomics. Somya has also developed mathematical models of parasite dynamics and host immunity as student researcher at the University of Melbourne. In 2020, Somya will commence a Master of Science (Mathematics and Statistics) at the University of Melbourne. Her project will focus on barcoding, a genomic tool that involves taking DNA ‘fingerprints’ from malaria parasites to uncover transmission dynamics and population connectivity. Using mathematical models of the parasite genome, Somya will investigate the ability of barcoding to capture trends in parasite relatedness. As a Fulbright Future Scholar, she will work with Caroline Buckee’s team at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health to optimise barcoding, with the aim of maximising outputs from genomic surveillance in malaria endemic areas. 

Dr Brian Raphael Nabors Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionCollege-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati
Host InstitutionConservatorium of Music, University of Sydney
Award NameFulbright Postgraduate Scholarship
DisciplineMusic Composition
Award Year2020

Brian is a versatile composer, performer, educator and artist with a unique background that fosters innovative approaches to various aspects of musical composition, pedagogy and analysis. He is a critical thinker dedicated to creating clear strategies that enable the general public to develop a deeper relationship with contemporary concert music and its benefits. 

Brian will spend his time at the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music studying with internationally acclaimed composer, Carl Vine. During the grant period, he seeks to conduct research and create original compositions that reflect humanity and music’s power to unite communities of different cultures. Brian also seeks to volunteer with local arts organizations to mentor youth and establish connections with the Australian musical community. He hopes to utilize the experience during Fulbright to create concert and performance opportunities for underrepresented communities in classical music in cities across the United States. 

James F Peyla Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionDepartment of Biology, School of Sciences and Mathematics, College of Charleston
Host InstitutionSchool of Biological Sciences, University of Adelaide
Award NameFulbright Postgraduate Scholarship
DisciplineMarine Biology
Award Year2019

James is an aspiring zoologist with interests in ecology, evolution, systematics, behavior, and physiology. His research has focused on the distribution, skin structure, and behavior of cephalopod mollusks. Having interned at a variety of institutions in the United States, including the Marine Biological Laboratory, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Smithsonian Institution, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, he is excited to conduct cephalopod research abroad. Under Dr. Zoë Doubleday, he will study the effects of ocean acidification on the giant Australian cuttlefish (Sepia apama) by analyzing a time series of museum specimens spanning decades from collections across Australia. He hopes also to determine the effects of elevated seawater acidity on the development of cuttlefish embryos. The results of his investigations will inform our understanding of the resistance and resilience of marine organisms in the face of global climatic changes.

Nikita Roy Postgraduate Students

Nikita Roy
Home InstitutionUniversity of Connecticut
Host InstitutionWestern Sydney University
Award NameFulbright Postgraduate Scholarship (funded by Western Sydney University)
DisciplinePublic Health
Award Year2019

Nikita is a graduate student at the University of Connecticut pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Health. She plans to attend medical school in the United States after returning from Australia. She will use her Fulbright Scholarship to study the association between a genetic polymorphism and cognitive function in humans, at the Translational Research Health Institute at Western Sydney University. This work explores potential neural bases of dementia and other forms of cognitive decline. Her hope is that this work will advance clinical research surrounding early detection and prevention of neurodegenerative disease. Nikita also looks forward to gaining insight on the Australian healthcare system and practices, and to bringing what she has learned back to the United States to aid in her future practice of medicine. She believes that a brighter future for American healthcare can be shaped by cross-cultural collaboration with other developed nations.

To stay up to date on Nikita’s Fulbright experience, visit

Hayden Wilkinson Postgraduate Students

Hayden Wilkinson
Home InstitutionResearch School of Social Sciences, Australian National University
Host InstitutionDepartment of Philosophy, Princeton University
Award NameFulbright Postgraduate Scholarship
Award Year2018

Hayden is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University’s School of Philosophy. His research focuses on ethics and on the ethical theories by which we might evaluate everyday moral decisions. In particular, it has recently been found that many ethical theories encounter problems when faced with the physical reality of our universe – a universe which, according to modern physics, is likely both infinite and relativistic. These problems with our ethical theories threaten to undermine much of our practical moral decision-making. In addition, if solutions to these problems are to be had, the nature of those solutions may have significant ramifications for our everyday moral judgements.

Hayden’s research aims to develop solutions to these problems. While based at Princeton University, with the support of the Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship, he will have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading philosophers to do just that.

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