Alumni Profiles

Dr Todd Oliynyk Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionMonash University
Host InstitutionMathematics Department, Princeton University
Award NameFulbright Senior Scholarship
DisciplineMathematical Sciences
Award Year2017

Todd is an Associate Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Monash University.

The main aim of Todd’s Fulbright project, Gravitating relativistic fluid bodies: a mathematical analysis, is to develop a rigorous mathematical foundation for gravitating relativistic material bodies that is applicable to astrophysical systems. This project will significantly improve current understanding of how matter and gravitational fields behave near the matter-vacuum boundary of physical bodies and provide important guidance for constructing stable numerical schemes to numerically model systems of gravitating relativistic fluid bodies. During his time at Princeton University, Todd will work with leading researchers in the field of Mathematical Relativity and will participate in the activities of the Focussed Research Group in Mathematical General Relativity hosted by the Mathematics Department. He will also visit the University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins University to collaborate with researchers on aspects of his project.

Georgie Skipper Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionQuantum Medical Innovation Fund/Atlassian
Host InstitutionMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
Award Year2022

Georgie is adviser to the Quantum Medical Innovation Fund and currently the Director of Global Public Policy at Atlassian. Most recently Georgie was the Senior Adviser and principal adviser on the United States to the Foreign Minister of Australia, the Honourable Julie Bishop, for five years from 2013-2018.

She will use her Fulbright Future Scholarship to enhance the momentum in Australia around private sector investment in social good projects, with a particular emphasis in the Indo-Pacific region.

Georgie plans to specialise in developing a strategic approach and framework to driving investment into the Indo-Pacific region, to address critical needs focussing on technology. Georgie will actively work to leverage this framework to develop partnerships between Australia and the US providing a clearer pathway for strategic investments that have a positive impact while also delivering returns.

Georgie will spend her time in the U.S. developing her professional networks in the areas of international relations, impact investing and economics, to bring together her expertise and strengthen Australia’s leadership capability in this area.

Dr Sally Ursula Jane Salmon Professional Scholars

Home InstitutionThe University of Western Australia
Host InstitutionSchool of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University
Award NameFulbright Professional Scholarship in Nuclear Science and Technology, Sponsored by The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)
DisciplineNuclear Science
Award Year2016

Ursula’s research is into providing quantitative, scientific bases for environmental management decisions, particularly regarding issues of water quality and water resource sustainability. Ursula started on this path through studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Sydney. After a final year exchange in Sweden, Ursula entered into postgraduate studies in a multidisciplinary Swedish research program on the environmental impact of mining. In 2004 Ursula returned to Australia to take up a postdoctoral project on the acidic lakes that can form after open cut mining. Since this time, Ursula has worked on a range of research and contract projects, usually in close collaboration with industry and government stakeholders, and in all cases with the aim to quantify how surface waters, groundwater, and/or soils will evolve, under either continued current conditions or changed external forcing.

Since mid-2012, Ursula has worked on incorporating environmental isotopes into regional groundwater models for water resource assessment. The large and inaccessible nature of aquifer systems means that they are difficult to characterize; this in turn introduces uncertainty into flow models. Environmental isotopes that decay or accumulate over time, such as radiocarbon (14C), are widely used as tracers of groundwater “age”. Ursula has been working on ways to incorporate the isotopic tracers directly into groundwater models. If successful, this will result in improved groundwater model predictions and resource management tools. Furthermore, as the age-ranges that environmental isotopes are valid for can be tens or hundreds of millennia, the same tools allow investigation into what climatic conditions must have been in the past in order to create the isotopic concentrations that exist today.

Ursula will work with Prof. Steven Gorelick and colleagues at Stanford to incorporate additional environmental tracers into a modelling framework that has already been developed, in order to make the method more robust. This modelling tool will then be used to produce an analysis of paleoclimate, over the last 40,000 years or more, using data from a relatively data-rich Australian case study site. The time at Stanford and visits to other institutions will link Ursula to forerunners in the relevant fields in America, and facilitate continuation of collaboration on this and other topics upon her return to Australia.

Dr Vi Khanh Truong Postdoctoral Scholars

Home InstitutionRMIT University
Host InstitutionDepartment of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State University
Award NameFulbright Postdoctoral (Vice Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow) Scholarship Funded by RMIT University
Award Year2019

Khanh completed his PhD at Swinburne University of Technology in 2012. Following his PhD, he commenced a postdoctoral position working with the Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers, where his focus was on the development of novel biopolymers to assist with sustainable agricultural in Australia. His current fellowship (ARC Research Hub for Australian Steel Manufacturing) develops antifungal materials used for steel. His knowledge extends from the design of smart and functional materials to the understanding of cellular interactions with nanomaterials.

Microbial infections are a threat to human health. Microbes can rapidly develop resistance to common market-ready drugs, hence novel approaches are required to complement these drugs. This Fulbright Scholarship allows Khanh to work with Professor Michael Dickey at North Carolina State University, developing novel non-drug-based approaches using liquid metals. These materials are known to produce shape-transformable, microbiocidal properties.

Arjun Bisen Postgraduate Students

Arjun Bisen
Home InstitutionDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Host InstitutionHarvard Kennedy School
Award NameFulbright Anne Wexler Scholarship in Public Policy, Sponsored by the Australian Government, Department of Education & Training
DisciplinePublic Administration
Award Year2017

Arjun is an Australian diplomat who has served in Cambodia, where he was responsible for the Australian Government’s engagement on domestic politics, human rights, trade, commercial affairs, media relations, public diplomacy, and aid programs on disabilities, de-mining, electoral reform and private sector development.

Arjun will use his Fulbright-Anne Wexler Scholarship to undertake a Masters in Public Policy in the U.S, researching China’s relationship with weak states, its impact on security in the Indo-Pacific region, and possible responses by Australian and U.S. Governments. He will also explore the opportunities presented by emerging technologies and advances in behavioural sciences to improve the implementation of Australia’s foreign policy and deliver development outcomes.

Victoria Bridgland Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionCollege of Education, Psychology and Social Work, Flinders University
Host InstitutionDepartment of Psychology, Harvard University
Award NameFulbright South Australia Scholarship
Award Year2020

Victoria is a PhD candidate in the College of Education, Psychology, and Social Work at Flinders University, Adelaide. Victoria’s research focuses on the emotional and behavioural effects of Trigger Warnings—warnings alerting people that particular content may be distressing. Trigger Warnings are now widespread, appearing on social and regular media sources and in the official mental health policy at some universities. Trigger Warnings are said to aid mental well-being by helping consumers avoid or mentally prepare themselves for content they may find distressing. However, critics argue that Trigger Warnings may instead have negative effects, such as encouraging people to feel anxious, or to avoid everyday situations. Research on how effectively these warnings work, or indeed whether they work at all, is timely and important. For her Fulbright Scholarship, Victoria will work in Professor Richard McNally’s laboratory at Harvard University, with a focus on Trigger Warnings and social media. 

Alice Gardoll Postgraduate Students

Alice Gardol
Home InstitutionUniversity of Sydney
Host InstitutionColumbia University
Award NameFulbright Postgraduate Scholarship
DisciplineLaw and Human Rights
Award Year2019

Alice is a lawyer who is passionate about fighting for vulnerable individuals in Australia’s justice system. She has a particular focus on refugees and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, two of the most marginalised groups in Australian society. Alice has volunteered as a refugee lawyer in Australia and abroad, working with the Refugee Advice & Casework Service (RACS) and in a refugee camp on the island of Samos, Greece. She currently works as a criminal defence lawyer for the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA), and has previously held roles as a commercial litigator at Herbert Smith Freehills and a Tipstaff to the Honourable Justice Margaret Beazley AO, President of the NSW Court of Appeal.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Alice hopes to study a Master of Laws specialising in international law, human rights and refugee law. Her goal is to continue her on the ground legal work and to be a leader in law and policy reform in Australia.

Kailin Graham Postgraduate Students

Kailin Graham
Home InstitutionThe University of Queensland
Host InstitutionMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
Award Year2021

Kailin is passionate about combatting climate change through sustainable solutions in the energy sector. Graduating with 1st Class Honours from a Bachelor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering at the University of Queensland, Kailin aims to use his technical background to inform meaningful public policy, and currently works as a Policy Officer at the Association for Decentralised Energy in London, UK.

As a Fulbright Future Scholar, Kailin aims to develop the knowledge, network and leadership skills to drive change in Australia’s energy system and support ambitious Australian action on climate change. Kailin will study in MIT’s Technology and Policy Program, where his research will focus on using technical methods to address policy challenges in the energy and environment space.

Nicholas Harvey-Doyle Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionThe University of Newcastle
Host InstitutionNew York University
Award NameFulbright Indigenous Scholarship, Funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency
DisciplineMedia, Culture and Communication
Award Year2022

Nick Harvey-Doyle is a descendant of the Anaiwan People from the Northern Tablelands of NSW and is passionate about undertaking work that creates a more culturally diverse and inclusive Australia. Since graduating from the University of Newcastle with degrees in Arts and Law, Nick has worked in corporate law, business development, and most recently as an Account Director at First Nations social change and communications agency, Cox Inall Ridgeway. Through this work Nick advises various government, corporate and third sector clients on a range of Indigenous Affairs projects.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Nick will examine the intersection of media, culture and communication through a global lens to understand how these cyclical relationships can be better managed to break down systemic racism in mainstream media.

Stephanie Niu Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionStanford University
Host InstitutionUniversity of Sydney, Western Sydney University, Shire of Christmas Island
Award NameFulbright Postgraduate Scholarship
DisciplineDigital History
Award Year2021

Stephanie Niu is a digital storyteller and poet focused on decolonizing historical narratives and understanding ecological systems through digital techniques. Her work includes interactive geographic visualizations of the transcontinental railroad created for the Chinese Railroad Workers’ Project, and “Following the Water,” a podcast on human and animal migrations on Christmas Island.

Stephanie will use her Fulbright to build a series of self-guided, augmented reality walking tours exploring phosphate mine labor and race relations on Christmas Island, centered around physical remnants of 20th-century island mine operations. She hopes to create a model for community-driven archives as a way of resisting colonial narratives.

Jack Rudrum Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionThe University of Western Australia
Host InstitutionMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
DisciplineMicrobiology and Molecular Biology
Award Year2022

Jack is a medical research scientist with the predominant goal of improving and saving the lives of others through developing urgently needed therapies that can treat superbugs. He has completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with a double major in Microbiology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine, as well as a Master of Infectious Diseases, with high distinction, at the University of Western Australia. For completion of his master’s dissertation, he conducted research at the Telethon Kids Institute. Whilst completing his studies, Jack worked part-time as a phlebotomist, diagnostic laboratory technician and a state public health surveillance officer. He also volunteered with St John Ambulance as an advanced event health medic. In the 6 months prior to beginning his Fulbright Scholarship, Jack will be working as a molecular biologist for a Perth biotechnology company, helping to develop an alternative COVID-19 diagnostic test which is more accurate and high-throughput than existing options.

Alison Whittaker Postgraduate Students

Allison Whittaker
Home InstitutionUniversity of Technology Sydney
Host InstitutionHarvard Law School
Award NameFulbright Indigenous Postgraduate Scholarship
Award Year2017

Alison is a Gomeroi law scholar and author. She is currently a Research Associate at the University of Technology Sydney’s Faculty of Law and Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Knowledges. Her work centres on the contact Indigenous women make with Australian justice systems, Indigenous ways of knowing and doing law and Indigenous legal research methodologies. Her independent research focusses on contemporary forms of Indigenous lawmaking and their relationship to Indigenous self-determination and gendered violence.

Alison will use her Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship to complete Harvard Law School’s Masters of Laws (LLM) program. She will spend her time in the LLM program exploring similarities and tensions in the enforcement and development of Indigenous lawmaking alongside emerging responses by Indigenous women against gendered violence. In doing so, Alison hopes to foster relationships between the Indigenous Australian and Native American scholarship that makes governance and violence its focus, and contribute to implementing it locally.

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