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Join the Australian Fulbright Alumni Association

The Australian Fulbright Alumni Association (AFAA) is a professional membership for Fulbright Alumni. AFAA facilitates academic, professional, and social activities in Australia and the U.S. for Fulbrighters and raises funds to support the WG Walker Scholarship for Australian scholars. In 2022 we launched a new leadership program in partnership with Fulbright Australia (Leadership (, and a mentoring program linking new and older alumni for critical career and other support (Australian Fulbright Alumni Association (AFAA) – Mentoring Program).  These two programs were identified as priorities by our members.  As a member-led association, AFAA is always open to new ideas and enthusiasm to build on the life-changing experience of a Fulbright scholarship.

If you’ve recently returned from a Fulbright or want to stay connected with other Fulbright alumni, consider joining AFAA via (  We offer all new scholars a free 1-year membership. Contact us at for a discount code.