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Share Your Fulbright Story

We are always in search of new stories that will inspire and motivate today’s scholars and applicants. As an alumnus, you can vividly express your first-hand experience of the transformative power of Fulbright. We welcome contributions which are 1,000 words or less, have at least one photo and relate directly to the author’s Fulbright experience. To look at what others have written click here. Send us your story by writing to

Interact with your Regional Alumni Network (RAN)

Our Regional Alumni Networks (RANs), eight in Australia (one per state or territory) and four in the U.S. (Northeast, Midwest, South and West) are platforms for alumni engagement. RANs provide a flexible framework to involve all alumni, including those without a formal membership in an alumni association, to work towards a common goal, as well as Fulbright Ambassadors, Alumni Representatives, along with members of Australian or U.S. Fulbright alumni associations. If you wish to connect with other alumni in your region, or in a region you are visiting or moving to, send us a message to and we will connect you. Current Fulbright Alumni Network Facilitators:

  • Regional FANs in Australia: ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC (Melanie Poole), WA
  • Regional FANs in United States: Northeast (Krysten Keches), Midwest, South, West
  • Professional FANs (across Australia and the U.S.): Creative Arts, First Nations (Roxanne Moore), Environmental Studies, Marine Studies, Geosciences, Politics & International Relations (Victoria Farrar-Myers).

Join a Professional Alumni Network (PAN)

Our Professional Alumni Networks (PANs) connect alumni sharing similar professional interests and also work to promote Fulbright within an academic field or discipline. PANs are already operational in the Creative Arts, First Nations, Environmental Studies, Geosciences, Marine Studies, Politics and International Relations, and Vocational Education and Training. More PANs can be formed wherever there is interest. Join an existing PAN, or suggest a new one in your field by writing to