Alumni Giving

There are many ways in which you can pay forward what you have received thanks to the Fulbright experience that others in the past enabled for you! Here are just a few of them:

Be a Fulbright mentor at your university

Would you like to be an Fulbright Adviser at the university in which you study or work? Support the University Liaison Program by being a promoter and point of contact for prospective or current applicants, and anyone else at the university who wishes to know more about Fulbright. A Commission liaison will handle logistic and administrative matters: your most important contribution as an Fulbright Adviser will be that of inspiring and motivating others by sharing your own unique Fulbright experience. Volunteer by writing to

Be a Fulbright Alumni Network (FAN) Facilitator

Would you like to be a catalyst for the growth of existing, or for the formation of new professional or regional alumni networks? Actively work with the Commission in fostering the interconnection of members; the exchange of ideas; the communication of opportunities; the organisation of events and the promotion of Fulbright within your network. Current FANs (and Facilitators):

Volunteer to be an Alumnus Network Facilitator by writing to

Participate at alumni events

Would you like to be one of the organisers or speakers at future alumni events such as lectures or TEDxFulbright? Lend your logistic, networking or communication skills to project Fulbright as a program producing life-long learning, thought leadership and mutual understanding to the wider community. At least two-dozen events are planned for 2017. Find out more and volunteer by writing to

Help find “lost alumni”

The success of all our strategy to engage alumni relies on our being able to communicate with you all. We have records of all our alumni, but are only in regular contact with just under half of them. Some may have changed jobs or moved to another city or country, and we are no longer to communicate with them. Every small contribution to help us find “lost alumni” goes a long way. If every alumnus we are currently in contact helped us reconnect with only one of the “lost” alumni, suddenly we would be able to reach more than 80%! This action would have repercussions in every alumni engagement initiative. Volunteer to support this effort by writing to

Help our fundraising campaigns

As you know, funding is an essential enabler of the Fulbright experience. A scholarship offers an opportunity that will change lives and careers in profound ways. We live in challenging times, and need all the help we can gather to keep the Fulbright Program running and productive. Our alumni are our most valued partners in this venture. The Commission will hold two formal donation drives annually (one for alumni in Australia and another one for alumni in the U.S.). Lend some of your time, connections and ideas to propose and support additional fundraising initiatives. Volunteer by writing to

Donate or plan a bequest

If every alumnus donated only $10, a new scholarship could be awarded. Every dollar counts. Give back to Fulbright and ‘pay it forward’ by enabling a scholarship for somebody. Help us build a better world. To donate now to the Fulbright Program in general, or one of our specific scholarship funds click here. We will hold a yearly alumni donation drive (May in Australia, November in the U.S.). For more information on donating, or help processing your donation write to