Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Agriculture and Life Sciences (funded by Kansas State University)


The Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Agriculture and Life Sciences (funded by Kansas State University) is for an exceptional Australian Professors to carry out research at Kansas State University (K-State) in the United States.

Selected scholars will work with K-State faculty in priority research areas that lead to ongoing collaborative partnerships between Australia and K-State – partnerships which develop skills and capabilities in Agricultural and Life Sciences and which result in a stronger bilateral relationship between Australia and the United States.

The Distinguished Chair in Agriculture and Life Sciences is for academics who would like to work with K-State colleagues in the following faculties are eligible:

  • Agriculture
  • Human Ecology
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry

Academics whose host is outside these areas might also be eligible depending on the research project being proposed.  For example, working on biofuels in an engineering department, water issues in an engineering or geography department, or agricultural policy with a counterpart in the School of Leadership Studies or departments such as Politics and Economics could potentially be eligible.

All applications require an invitation letter, signed by the K-State faculty host and their department head/chair.

Please see the APPLICANT INFORMATION page for general information regarding Fulbright qualities, eligibility requirements, award conditions, interview processes and our FAQ PAGE for answers to commonly asked questions.

Award benefits:

  • Monthly stipend for 5 -6 months
  • Round-trip, economy class airfare directly to and from the scholar’s home city and the city of the host institution (capped at USD$4,000)
  • Dependent allowance (if applicable) one-time payment
  • Conference travel allowance to enable a lecture tour
  • Accommodation allowance
  • ASPE medical coverage of up to A$100,000 (for the scholar only)
  • Orientation and enrichment opportunities – in Australia and the U.S. with other international Fulbright scholars
  • Access to a professional network of distinguished Australian and American Fulbright alumni
  • Ongoing assistance from the Commission with visas, enrichment opportunities and pastoral care
  • Media and publicity support

What are the conditions?

  • Kansas State University must be the primary host institution
  • Awardees will conduct a public lecture tour across a variety of institutions whilst in-country.
  • Awardees will be expected to contribute to guest lectures and seminars at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

For further information on this scholarship from the perspective of K-State, please contact Professor John Leslie, Head of Kansas State Plant Pathology Department.