Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Science, Technology and Innovation (funded by CSIRO)


Applications open 1 February 2021

CSIRO is Australia’s leading multidisciplinary research organisation with a mission to deliver impact for the benefit of industry, society and the environment. CSIRO collaborates globally and actively promotes awareness of science and technology and its benefits. The Distinguished Chair will conduct innovative scientific research related to critical challenges facing the U.S. and Australia.

The Distinguished Chair enables associate or full Professors from the United States to undertake research of importance to the CSIRO for 5-6 months.


Applications are sought in areas aligned to the research directions of CSIRO’s business units:

  • Food and Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Minerals Resources
  • Oceans and Atmosphere
  • Land and Water
  • Manufacturing
  • Health and Biosecurity
  • Data and Digital technologies
  • Astronomy and Space Science

Applications are also sought in areas that align to the activities of the CSIRO National Facilities:

  • National Research Collections
  • Marine National Facility
  • Australian Animal Health Laboratory

Before proposing a project in one of these areas, please refer to www.csiro.au to ensure your proposal aligns with an active area of CSIRO research activity.

Scholarship Entitlements

  • A monthly stipend for a maximum of 6 months
  • Generous international travel entitlement
  • Travel allowance for an Australian lecture tour
  • Health coverage under Medicare (Scholar only)
  • Health and Accident Insurance (ASPE) to maximum of US$100,000 (Scholar only)
  • Access to Fulbright Alumni in the US and Australia for social and professional networking
  • Support from the Fulbright Commission to assist with administration, visas and general enquiries.
  • Dependents of scholars who will be enrolled in the Australian public school system in grades K-12 may have tuition fees waived.

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Contact Information

Please note that applicants are required to include a letter of invitation from CSIRO with their application.

Contact CSIRO via RO@csiro.au to discuss projects, and obtain the required letter.

For any queries related to entitlements or application processes please contact:


Fulbright Team

Please contact the Fulbright scholarships team for any queries related to entitlements or application processes. fulbright@fulbright.org.au

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