– NEW: Fulbright Future Scholarships –

Fulbright Future Scholarships

Changing Lives, Transforming Careers

2018 Applications Open February 1st 2018 – July 15th 2018

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission is pleased to announce the Fulbright Future Scholarships – our most generous scholarship program ever. The new scholarship program seeks to improve the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of Australians by funding innovative, impact-focused projects.

Thanks to generous support from The Kinghorn Foundation, Fulbright Future Scholarships will fund projects that aim to advance cutting-edge applied science, kick start innovative business collaborations that foster the creation of new jobs, and further the development of impact-driven emergent technologies.

Fulbright Future Scholarships are open to postgraduate students, PhD researchers, academics and professionals. Awardees will receive funding for full tuition/visiting researcher expenses at a U.S. institution of their choice, as well as travel and living costs.

Who can apply?

Fulbright Future Scholarships are open to applications for Australian candidates who satisfy the following criteria.


  • can apply as Postgraduate students or PhD researchers, as postdoctoral candidates, academics or professionals
  • must have an undergraduate qualification
  • must propose research that is innovative and/or has the potential for significant impact
  • must aim to create, contribute to, or otherwise enhance Australian-American bilateral research collaborations
  • must include a statement (maximum of one page) that outlines the impact of their proposed program
  • all applicants are required to include a letter of invitation from their proposed institution with their application (except Postgraduate students seeking to complete a U.S. master’s program)

Postgraduate applicants should download the attachment for additional information.

What is considered ‘Impact’? 

To qualify for the Future Scholarships program, applicants should highlight the potential impact of their proposed research in the application ‘Project Statement’ section. ‘Impact’ may be defined as;

  • Significant advancement of new technologies, techniques, or other novel research with potential for practical outcomes
  • Tangible effect, benefit, or outcome for Australian society
  • Enduring bilateral commercial or research partnership with potential for significant growth
  • Novel approaches to medical treatment or rehabilitation
  • Potential for significant job-creation

Entitlements include:

  • a generous living allowance
  • travel allowance for international flights to/from the United States
  • full tuition or Visiting Researcher Scholar fees
  • placement services support for postgraduate students seeking to complete a full U.S. master’s degree
  • ASPE medical insurance of up to A$100,000 (for the scholar only)
  • National Australian Orientation Program, Showcase & Gala Presentation Dinner
  • enrichment activities in the United States with other international Fulbright scholars
  • access to a professional network of distinguished Australian and American Fulbright Alumni
  • ongoing assistance from the Commission with visas, enrichment opportunities and pastoral care
  • media and publicity support
  • Please view the Australian Scholarships Budget 2018/19 for more information. Please note that the budget is provided as a guide only and is subject to change.

How Do I Apply?

  • Prior to applying, we strongly encourage applicants to read the Eligibility & Conditions section of the Australian Applicants page.
  • Applications must be completed and submitted via the online portal (see below for instructions and access). Applications emailed or posted to the Commission cannot be considered.
  • To discuss your application aspirations with someone in your area, please consider reaching out to one of our Campus Advisers.
  • Download the Australian Applicant checklist to include with your application.

Postgraduate Applicants:

Click here to check your eligibility status, then download the 2018-19 Student instructions


Postdoctoral, Professional and Scholar Award Applicants:

Click here to check your eligibility status, then download the 2018-19 Scholar instructions.

 Categories Available

Postgraduate Scholarships 

Postgraduate students seeking to;

  • undertake a full U.S. masters degree (up to 2 years)
  • study part of an Australian master’s program in the U.S (8-10 months)
  • conduct research towards an Australian PhD program (3-10 months)

Funding is available for up to 2 years and includes full tuition or Visiting Research Scholar fees.

Postdoctoral Scholarships 

Individuals seeking to undertake postdoctoral research, who have completed their PhD in the past 3 years (or 4-5 years if a case is made with extenuating circumstances).

The award supports a 3-10 month position.

Scholar Awards 

Academics (at associate professor or full professorial level) and mid-career professionals (with an undergraduate qualification and minimum 10 years work experience) to undertake research and/or training in the United States.

This award supports a 3-4 month position.

Please see the Applicants Page for eligibility requirements, award conditions, FAQs, interview processes and timelines.