Fulbright Australian State/Territory Award Opportunities

Applications are currently closed and will re-open early 2021

Who can apply?

The aim of Fulbright State Scholarships is to encourage and profile research relevant to recipients home state/ territories; and assist in building international research links between the state and U.S. researchers and institutions. These scholarships offer the opportunity for outstanding researchers to broaden their professional, educational and cultural horizons, then return to share the experience with their local community. These scholarships are supported by state or territory governments, companies, universities, private donors and other stakeholders.


To be eligible for Fulbright State/Territory Scholarship an applicant must:

  • Be a permanent resident of that state/ territory at the time of application, with a commitment to return to the state/territory following their Fulbright program
  • Be associated with an institution, organisation or community in that state/territory that will benefit from your proposed Fulbright program
  • Applicants must clearly outline the benefit of their proposed program of study/research to a topic or issue relevant to their State in a separate statement within their application

State/territory scholars are selected on their academic and professional merit, the relevance and importance of their research to the home state/territory and the individual’s connection and commitment to the state/territory.

To apply now, download the application instructions PDF here.

List of State/Territory Awards:

State/Territory Award

Available in Categories:


Postgraduate Postdoctoral Scholar
Fulbright Queensland Scholarship

Applicants with projects identified as having a strong connection to their state/territory of residence will be considered for this award.
Fulbright South Australia Scholarship

Fulbright Western Australia Scholarship

Fulbright Victoria Scholarship

Sir John Carrick New South Wales Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright Northern Territory Scholarship

Funded by the Northern Territory Government, Charles Darwin University and Blackboard (Australia) Pty Ltd

Fulbright Tasmania Scholarship

Funded by the Tasmanian Government and the University of Tasmania