A Brighter Future for Australian Researchers

Fulbright Future

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission is pleased to announce a new program of bilateral exchange scholarships, designed to improve the health, well-being, and prosperity of Australians by funding innovative, impact-focused study and research.

The FULBRIGHT FUTURE Scholarships, funded through a $10 million donation from The Kinghorn Foundation, will sponsor projects that aim to advance cutting-edge applied scientific research, facilitate innovative business collaborations that foster the creation of new jobs, and further the development of impact-driven emergent technologies.

The new program is set to become the most comprehensive and generous of the Fulbright catalogue, with the awards covering travel and living expenses, as well as the full tuition costs or visiting researcher fees at any U.S. university.

Fulbright Executive Director Thomas Dougherty said the new program has the potential to create linkages crucial to Australia’s reputation as a driving force in research and technological innovation.

“Fulbright has been a conduit for facilitating bilateral connections for over 70 years, and with this new program we aim to provide a whole new suite of opportunities for international education and research collaboration, as well as helping to bridge the gaps between industry and academia.” He said.

The FULBRIGHT FUTURE Scholarships are open to Australian postgraduate students, postdoctoral candidates, academics and professionals from 1 February, 2018


  • When will applications for the new scholarships be open? February 1st 2018
  • Who is eligible to apply? Australian postgraduate students, postdoctoral candidates, academics and professionals
  • Where can I find more information? fulbright.org.au/scholarships/future/