National Media Attention for Fulbright Scholars

The 2015 Fulbright Scholar Showcase and Presentation Dinner Event garnered significant media attention from local and national news outlets for our Scholars and the Commission. During the three days in Perth there were reporters conducting interviews with the Scholars, requests for images and quotes, and live radio interviews.

See below for just a few examples of Fulbright Scholars in the media spotlight.

Dean Jarrett, 2015 Fulbright Indigenous Postgraduate Scholarship

Sponsored by the Australian Government, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Radio Interviews

Donna Campbell, Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association, NT, Feb 17 2015
ABC Radio, Speaking Out, QLD, Feb 24 2015
Peggy Giakoumelos, SBS World News, NSW, Feb 26 2015

Professor Anthony Maeder, 2015 Distinguished Chair in Agriculture & Life Sciences 

Sponsored by Kansas State University

Stephane Shepherd, 2015 Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship in Cultural Competence
Sponsored by the National Centre for Cultural Competence, The University of Sydney

William Lempert, 2014 Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship

Radio Interviews

ABC Northwest Morning Show. Karratha, Australia. Feb. 23, 2015
ABC Kimberley Morning Show. Broome, Australia. Feb. 17, 2015
Community Show on the PAKAM Network. Beagle Bay, Australia. Feb. 11, 2015
National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS). Broome, Australia. Jan. 8, 2015

Dr Stuart Tangye, 2015 Fulbright Senior Scholarship

Tim McCormack, 2015 Fulbright Senior Scholarship

Dr Scott Chapman, 2015 Fulbright Senior Scholarship
Sponsored by Kansas State University

Dr William Feeney, 2015 Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship

Annette Stewart, 2015 Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Non-Profit Leadership

Sponsored by the Origin Foundation and Supported by the Australian Scholarships Foundation

Kathryn Zealand, 2015 Fulbright-Anne Wexler Scholarship in Public Policy
Sponsored by the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training

Dr Emma Barrett, 2015 Fulbright New South Wales Postdoctoral Scholarship

Dr Wendy Nembhard, 2014 Fulbright Senior Scholarship

Matthew Crowley, 2015 Fulbright Professional Coral Sea Scholarship

Dr Gayle Maloney, 2015 Fulbright Western Australia Postdoctoral Scholarship

Radio Interviews

Radio 6PR Perth, Australia. Feb. 19, 2015

Dr Robert Marshall, 2015 Fulbright Northern Territory Postgraduate Scholarship

Tracey Steinrucken, 2015 Fulbright Queensland Postgraduate Scholarship

Adam Lockyer, 2015 Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Australian-United States Alliance Studies
Sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Dr Ted Lefroy, 2015 Fulbright Tasmanian Senior Scholarship

Briony Swire-Thompson, 2015 Fulbright Western Australia Postgraduate Scholarship

Simon Jarman, 2015 Fulbright Professional Scholarship

Robert Fowler, 2015 Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Climate Change and Clean Energy
Sponsored by the Australian and U.S. Governments

Joel Fuller, 2015 Fulbright South Australian Postgraduate Scholarship

Sunday Times Article on Fulbright Scholars in Western Australia

For all media enquiries, please contact Alex Maclaurin at the Australian-American Fulbright Commission

E: P: (02) 6210 5696