Faces of Fulbright

During our 2015 Fulbright Scholar Showcase in Perth, we worked with the staff at the U.S. Embassy to develop a series of video interviews with our 2015 Fulbright Australian and 2014 Fulbright U.S. Scholars.

The Faces of Fulbright initiative grants insight into the research and aspirations of our current Scholars, as well as providing a rare, candid glimpse of the diverse personalities found within the Fulbright program. Watch the series to find out more about these fascinating individuals.

The interviews will be uploaded incrementally as the series is released. Check back to see them all.

We are very grateful to the U.S. Embassy, Canberra for making the Faces of Fulbright series possible

Michelle Deshong, 2015 Fulbright Indigenous Professional Scholar

Dr Stephane Shepherd, 2015 Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholar

Professor Thad Kousser, 2014 Fulbright-Flinders University Distinguished Chair in American Political Science.

Kerry Hamilton, 2014 Fulbright-CSIRO Postgraduate Scholar

Ariel Macy, 2014 Fulbright U.S. Postgraduate Scholar

Laura Hayward, 2014 Fulbright U.S. Postgraduate Scholar

William Lempert, 2014 Fulbright U.S. Postgraduate Scholar