Fulbright 70 Video Production Contest

The Fulbright Commission in Australia seeks submissions from currently enrolled / recently graduated students of Media Production / Communications / Art / Design to develop and deliver a fresh and engaging short (1-3 minute) film that will promote the Fulbright Scholarships Program online, and commemorate the 70th anniversary of its inception in Australia.

How to Apply

Apply by 30 September 2018 by completing the Pitch Submission Form, and sending your Storyboard, Treatment Spec, CV & Portfolio to Public.Relations@fulbright.org.au

Conditions & Eligibility

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  • Video production costs (max $AUD 5,000)
  • Trip to the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts – flights, accommodation (3 nights), campus tour, and tailored Film / Media / Graphic Arts workshop with USC Fulbright Alumni network (conditions apply – see below)


  • Open to current undergraduate / postgraduate students, or graduates who completed studies in 2016/17, in the areas of multimedia / film / design or other relevant field
  • Teams (max 3 persons) may apply
  • Once the winning pitch is selected, the team will receive funding to produce the video but must finalise by 1 February 2019 to receive the full award
  • Videos may include animation, stop motion, voxpops, sizzle reels, interviews or testimonials from Fulbright Alumni, or other innovative media


Applications must include:

  • Plan for design, development & production of video
  • Timeline for pre-production, production, and post-production
  • Storyboard and treatment spec
  • Detailed budget and breakdown of production costs (include licensing for music etc.)
  • A sample of a previously completed video project – include reel & project description
  • CV & Portfolio
  • 2 reference letters (relevant academic or professional)

End product must:

  • clearly convey key messages as outlined in Guidelines section (see below)
  • incorporate the Australian-American Fulbright brand
  • be suitable for desktops and small screen mobile devices
  • have a shelf-life of 2-3 years


  • Candidates must source production equipment themselves
  • Candidates must include all production costs in proposed budget including any equipment rental / travel / other expenditure – no additional funds will be offered
  • The Commission will support the successful candidate & link them with Fulbright Alumni where necessary
  • References should convey candidates reliability, capacity to work to deadlines
  • Successful candidate must update Fulbright staff once a month during development phase
  • Final editorial control rests with the Commission
  • Deliverables should include a broadcast quality version not just desktop
  • Successful candidate must complete the project by deadline of 1 February 2019 in order to receive full award
  • LA trip to be coordinated with the Fulbright Commission – timings contingent on availability of University of Southern California faculty, flights booked via Commission travel agency

Proposal Application Deadline: 30 September 2018
Successful entry announced
: 15 October 2018
Project completion deadline: 1 February 2019

Competition Guidelines

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I) Objectives of Video Campaign

  • To raise awareness of the Australian-American Fulbright Scholarships program, and highlight impact
  • To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Australian-American Fulbright Scholarships program
  • To attract a contemporary audience
  • To engage potential Fulbright Scholarship applicants and media

II) Target Audience:

  • General public
  • Students, researchers, lecturers and professionals in all disciplines
  • Media

III) Key Messages:

  1. Fulbright Scholarships have a significant impact on the lives of awardees
  2. The Fulbright Program has been supporting educational exchange in Australia for 70 years
  3. Fulbright Scholarships are open to postgraduate students, scholars & professionals in all disciplines

Secondary (optional) messages:

  1. A Fulbright Scholarship is an opportunity to make an impact in your field and on the community, to connect with people internationally, and to expand horizons
  2.  The Fulbright community is a global network with Fulbright Programs in 160 countries

IV) Tone:

  • Fresh and engaging, a new take on our current messaging
  • Appropriate for a varied audience (postgraduate students, academics & professionals)
  • Fulbright awards are prestigious / competitive but accessible to all
  • Examples can be seen in links below. We are looking for a new approach that will engage a modern audience

Tips & Advice

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  • Take careful note of the guidelines! Make sure that your pitch aligns with our objectives – to raise awareness, highlight impact, to commemorate our 70th anniversary, and to engage a contemporary audience
  • Be resourceful and budget conscious – the Fulbright Commission is a non-profit organisation that operates with minimal resources. We’ll be looking for proposals that aim to get the most out of the budget.
  • Work to your team’s strengths – make sure your pitch utilises and showcases all of your skills, and is supported by your portfolio. Have an ace cameraman? Focus on cinematography. Post-production pro? Show off your editing skills. Top Gun drone pilot? Incorporate some aerial footage scenes.
  • Be realistic about what you can achieve within the time-frame – media production specialists will be assessing your pitch, and they will know if your proposal seems overly ambitious.
  • Be creative – Don’t be afraid to put forward some innovative ideas! We want to get our message across, we want it to stand out, and we want it to be engaging. If you have a unique idea about how you can achieve this, go with it!
  • Know who we are, and where we’re coming from – a general understanding of the history and ethos of the Fulbright Program will provide crucial insight into our brand, and may give you some ideas on how to capitalise on that.

Example videos:

‘Fulbright for the Future’ – Commission Franco-Américaine Fulbright

‘Across the Water’ – Fulbright Ireland