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Melissa S. Cardon Distinguished Chair

Home InstitutionUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Host InstitutionRMIT University
Award NameFulbright Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Funded by RMIT University
DisciplineEntrepreneurship and Innovation
Award Year2022

Melissa is the Haslam Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She studies the psychology of entrepreneurs as they found, persist, and succeed (or not) with their ventures. Topics of special interest include entrepreneurial passion, emotion, resource acquisition, persistence, exit, failure recovery and learning, stress, burnout, and exhaustion, as well as coping mechanisms to address pervasive problems. Melissa’s Fulbright project focuses on understanding the loneliness experiences of Australian entrepreneurs, which can have profound effects on individual well-being and performance, and how entrepreneurs cope behaviorally, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

Professor Gabriel Filippelli Distinguished Chair

Home InstitutionIndiana University
Host InstitutionThe University of Newcastle
Award NameFulbright Distinguished Chair, Funded by The University of Newcastle
DisciplineEnvironmental Health
Award Year2022

Gabriel is a Chancellor’s Professor of Earth Sciences and Executive Director of the Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute. He is a biogeochemist, and has worked on climate change, global phosphorus cycling, and more recently environmental contamination, including novel ways to engage communities in identifying and eliminating pollutant exposures.

Gabriel will join the University of Newcastle as a Distinguished Chair in the Global Centre for Environmental Remediation, studying opportunities to utilize creative approaches to mitigating pollution exposure in countries with few resources and inadequate governmental environmental oversight.

Professor Gregor Henze Distinguished Chair

Home InstitutionUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
Host InstitutionCSIRO Energy Centre
Award NameFulbright Distinguished Chair in Science, Technology and Innovation, Funded by CSIRO
DisciplineEnergy Engineering
Award Year2022

Gregor’s research focuses on energy flexibility of the built environment through advanced control strategies such as modelling predictive and reinforcement learning control, occupant behavior and presence detection, sensor fusion algorithms, and novel district energy systems. He is primary author of more than 150 research articles, four of which have received best paper awards, and received three patents. He is a Fellow of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, joint professor at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, as well as co-founder and chief scientist of QCoefficient, Inc., a startup developing real-time optimal control solutions for grid-interactive efficient buildings.

Gregor’s Fulbright project tackles the transition of the Australian energy sector driven by decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization. He will focus specifically on ways the built environment can benefit from data-driven digital innovations to support emissions reduction and enable decentralization, i.e., the participation of buildings in the electricity market to deliver grid services.

Professor Naim Kapucu Distinguished Chair

Home InstitutionUniversity of Central Florida
Host InstitutionFlinders University and Carnegie Mellon University Australia
Award NameFulbright Distinguished Chair in Applied Public Policy (Democratic Resilience), Funded by Flinders University and Carnegie Mellon University Australia
DisciplineApplied Public Policy, Democratic Resilience
Award Year2022

Naim is Pegasus Professor of Public Administration and Policy and former Director of the School of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida (UCF). He is also joint faculty at the School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs and the Center for Resilient, Intelligent and Sustainable Energy Systems (RISES). Naim received Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Applied Public Policy, Democratic Resilience award jointly hosted by Flinders University and Carnegie Mellon University Australia in 2021. Naim’s core research interests are network governance and leadership, decision-making in complex environments, organizational learning and design, and social inquiry and public policy. Naim has published widely in areas of public administration, network governance, and emergency and crisis management.

Dr Jennifer Albert Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionThe Citadel
Host InstitutionUniversity of Canberra
Award NameFulbright Scholar Award, Funded by the University of Canberra
Award Year2022

Jennifer Albert received her Ph.D. in Science Education from North Carolina State University and has an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Austin Peay State University. She specializes in STEM education research and evaluation with an emphasis on K-16 computer science education, science education, educational assessment, and teacher professional development. She is currently an Associate Professor and Director of the STEM Center of Excellence at The Citadel. Her project will investigate how students who have participated in the ELSA project use the Experience, Represent, and Apply model when interacting with Mobile Maker Kits, demonstrating transfer of skills and content learned.

Professor Matthew Becker, Ph.D. Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionCalifornia State University Long Beach
Host InstitutionCurtin University
Award NameFulbright Scholar Award, Funded by Curtin University
Award Year2022

Matt is a Professor of Geological Sciences at California State University, Long Beach, and holds the Bert and Ethel Conrey Chair in Hydrogeology. He has spent much of his career understanding how groundwater flows through complex geologic systems, and its implications for groundwater pollution, geothermal energy extraction, and coastal ecosystems. For his Fulbright Scholarship, Matt will work with researchers at Curtin University to develop groundwater resources in the bedrock of Western Australia. A particular focus will be managed aquifer recharge and the use of fiber optic distributed sensing tools for characterizing and monitoring the storage and movement of groundwater.

Professor Mary Brydon-Miller PhD Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionUniversity of Louisville
Host InstitutionUniversity of Technology Sydney
Award NameFulbright Scholar Award, Funded by the University of Technology Sydney
DisciplineDesign, Architecture and Building
Award Year2022

Mary  is Professor in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville. She is a participatory researcher who conducts work in school, organization, and community settings. She is the editor, with David Coghlan, of the SAGE Encyclopedia of Action Research. Her most recent book with Sarah Banks is Ethics in Participatory Research for Health and Social Well-Being: Cases and Commentaries. She is currently working on an international middle-school citizen science project focused on global climate change education. She is a recipient of the 2021-2022 Fulbright Scholar Award at the University of Technology Sydney.

Mary’s Fulbright research explores the knowledge, values, and behaviors of young people related to sustainability and climate change action. The research will provide youth aged eleven to fourteen with opportunities to learn about climate change by designing and implementing a project-based learning experience using an educational action research approach.

Professor Iqbal Husain Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionNorth Carolina State University
Host InstitutionCurtin University, University of New South Wales, and The University of Queensland
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
DisciplinePower Electronics and Energy
Award Year2022

Iqbal Husain is the ABB Distinguished Professor in the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and the Director of the FREEDM Engineering Research Center at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. Professor Husain’s expertise is in the areas of power electronics, electric machines, motor drives, renewable energy and system controls. His current research is focused on distributed energy resource integration into power systems and transportation electrification with wide bandgap power electronic devices and all-electric powertrain with permanent magnet and reluctance machines. Husain received the Fulbright Scholar award for research on renewable energy integration into the power system and electrification of mining equipment.

Professor Dr Zhihua Jiang Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionWashington State University
Host InstitutionUniversity of New England
Award NameFulbright Scholar Award, Funded by the Regional Universities Network of Australia
DisciplineAnimal Genetics and Genomics
Award Year2022

Zhihua is a full professor of genome biology in the Animal Sciences Department at Washington State University. He also serves as the Hatch Program Chair to promote research and education in Animal Biology and Biomedicine. Zhihua’s current research focuses on how genes use alternative transcripts in response to internal, external and universal environments, thus improving functional annotation of animal genomes. The ultimate goal of these studies is to understand how a finite genome coordinates an infinite phenome to benefit an animal’s performance, health and wellbeing.

As a Fulbright U.S. scholar to Australia, Zhihua will learn new knowledge and skills about big data sciences from colleagues at University of New England. The proposed research aims to explore the central dogmas of quantitative and molecular genetics and thus advance genomic selection and design to the next level.

Negar Katirai Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionUniversity of Arizona
Host InstitutionUniversity of Technology Sydney
Award NameFulbright Scholar Award, Funded by the University of Technology Sydney
DisciplineLaw and Domestic Violence
Award Year2022

Negar directs a Domestic Violence Law Clinic where she supervises law students in providing legal representation to survivors of intimate partner violence. She also teaches Family Law and often guest lectures in other courses on related topics, including trauma-informed legal representation. Her scholarship investigates questions in intimate partner violence law, and seeks to promote conversation between practitioners and academics. Negar will be conducting a comparative study of the approach of Australia and the United States to domestic violence fatality reviews, which involve the analysis of homicides related to domestic violence for the purpose of preventing future fatalities.

Dr Matthew Kleinhenz Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionThe Ohio State University
Host InstitutionCQUniversity Australia
Award NameFulbright Scholar Award, Funded by CQUniversity Australia
DisciplineMinerals and Energy Resources
Award Year2022

Matthew is a professor and extension specialist at The Ohio State University and a contributor to efforts aligning plant, human, and other resources, specifically for vegetable farming but, overall, for greater prosperity and quality of life. His people-and planet-focused research and outreach activities emphasize accountability to present and emerging concerns and draw from diverse disciplines, talents, and capacities.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Matthew will partner with Central Queensland University, community leaders, and representatives of the solar energy and farming sectors to better understand agrivoltaics, a promising but challenging integration of farming and solar energy production. Dr. Kleinhenz and partners will study the optimism and hesitation surrounding agrivoltaics in Australia, a process essential to ensuring its responsible utilization.

Associate Professor Ryan Naylor Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionThe University of Sydney
Host InstitutionKansas State University
Award NameFulbright Scholar Award, Funded by Kansas State University
DisciplineHigher Education
Award Year2022

Ryan Naylor is Associate Professor (Education) in the Sydney School of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney. His current research focuses primarily on understanding and addressing barriers to success in higher education. He has published widely on issues of access to higher education, equity interventions and their evaluation, and the experiences and expectations of students. Ryan will use the Fulbright Scholarship to understand how students, particularly those from under-served or equity backgrounds, conceive of success at university and how their self-concept changes during the transition to university. This research will ensure students are better supported during transition, so that all students, regardless of background, are equally able to transition effectively to university study.

Tess M.S. Neal Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionArizona State University
Host InstitutionUniversity of New South Wales
Award NameFulbright Scholar Award
DisciplinePsychology and Law
Award Year2022

Tess is an associate professor of psychology, a founding faculty member of Arizona State University’s Law and Behavioral Science Initiative, and inaugural director of ASU’s Future of Forensic Science Initiative. She is a scientist; a clinical psychologist trained to assess, diagnose, and treat mental and behavioral disorders; and a forensic psychologist trained to bring psychology into legal contexts. She studies the nature and limits of expertise. Her basic work focuses on understanding and improving human judgment processes – especially among trained experts, and her more applied work focuses on improving forensic experts’ judgments in particular. Her Fulbright project will advance both basic and applied science in these areas.

Associate Professor Rachel Standish Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionMurdoch University
Host InstitutionUniversity of Wyoming
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
DisciplineRestoration Ecology
Award Year2022

Rachel is Associate Professor of Ecology at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. Her research is focused on restoration of native ecological communities that have been degraded or destroyed by human activity. Rachel is internationally recognised for her contributions to advancing the theory and practice of ecological restoration. As a Fulbright Scholar, Rachel will collaborate with her hosts to assess benefits of soil microbes to rangeland restoration. Findings will be relevant to ranchers in Australia and the US where rangeland sustainability underpins socio-economic prosperity and environmental stewardship. She will also teach classes in vegetation and soil ecology.

Professor Zhiqun Zhu Professional Scholars

Home InstitutionBucknell University
Host InstitutionGriffith University
Award NameFulbright 75th Anniversary Alliance Award, Funded by the U.S. Embassy, Canberra
DisciplineInternational Relations, Foreign Policy
Award Year2022

Zhiqun Zhu is a professor of political science and international relations at Bucknell University. His teaching and research interests include U.S.-China relations, Chinese politics and foreign policy, East Asian political economy, and Indo-Pacific security. Dr. Zhu is the author and editor of over a dozen books, including A Critical Decade: China’s Foreign Policy 2008-2018; China’s New Diplomacy: Rationale, Strategies and Significance; New Dynamics in East Asian Politics: Security, Political Economy, and Society; and US-China Relations in the 21st Century: Power Transition and Peace.

As a Fulbright U.S. Scholar, Zhiqun will work on a project about how China’s rise challenges the alliance between the United States and Australia and how they should respond. He hopes to gain some insight on this issue from meeting with scholars, business executives, opinion leaders, government officials, and others in Australia.

Dr Hannah Etchells Postdoctoral Scholars

Home InstitutionThe University of Western Australia
Host InstitutionUniversity of California, Davis
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
DisciplineWildlife & Wildland Management
Award Year2022

Hannah earned her BSc in Botany and Conservation Biology and first class honours in Botany at the University of Western Australia. She is currently completing PhD research, focussing on the ecological impacts of large-scale, catastrophic wildfire events in southwest Australia. Hannah recently spent six months on a Fulbright Scholarship working in the laboratory of Professor Scott Stephens at University of California Berkeley, researching wildfire impacts and prescribed burning in California. Hannah’s PhD research investigates the ecological impacts of catastrophic wildfire. The forested regions of Australia and North America have both witnessed unprecedented large-scale wildfire events over the last decade, and wildfire in both regions is projected increase in frequency and severity over the next century. However, the ecological impacts of such events and consequences for future management are poorly understood.

Hannah’s research will promote the sharing of knowledge between Australia and the U.S., forging research ties and developing collaborative projects to understand catastrophic wildfire events in a global context.

Lucy Milani Fasano Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionDavidson College
Host InstitutionMacquarie University
Award NameFulbright Postgraduate Scholarship
Award Year2022

“My Fulbright research aims to develop a method of eliminating implicit bias using embodiment in virtual environments. Specifically, I plan to use virtual reality to help eliminate specific implicit biases against women that contribute to the victim-blaming of sexual violence survivors.”

Lucy is a J.D. candidate at Duke University School of Law. While at Davidson College, she investigated the impact of popular media on rape myth acceptance using pupil dilation and eye/mouse tracking. Her research demonstrated that a person’s bias towards survivors of sexual violence impacts how he watches media depictions of sexual violence. As a Fulbright Scholar, Lucy will investigate whether embodiment in virtual environments can reduce bias in the context of sexual violence. By placing a man in the avatar of a woman, she hopes to reduce implicit bias by giving male participants the illusion of having a female identity.

Audrée Grand'Pierre Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionBowdoin College
Host InstitutionThe University of Queensland
Award NameFulbright Postgraduate Scholarship
DisciplineClinical Psychology
Award Year2022

“My Fulbright research aims to further deepen the understanding of minority experiences through the lens of mental health to create innovative ways for the psychology community to challenge racial inequalities and promote inclusion and diversity in all aspects of the field.”

Audrée is a researcher working towards a better understanding of minority experiences in the treatment of mental health to create innovative ways for the psychology community to challenge racial inequalities and promote inclusion and diversity in all aspects of the field. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Visual Arts, and Anthropology from Bowdoin College and has clinical experience from the Maine Medical Research Institute. Blending her Psychology and Anthropology studies, Audrée gained a unique perspective of looking into psychological phenomena through the lens of an anthropologist looking at how cultural and social factors influence the ‘why’ of human behavior. Her undergraduate studies fuel her curiosity in exploring how psychological research techniques can be used to investigate systemic racism issues often overlooked in mainstream psychological research.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Audrée will be beginning her first year of her Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Queensland. Specifically, her thesis will look into a lesser-explored, subtler form of prejudice within interracial encounters where minority group members often feel pressure to perform in a certain positive way to appease majority audiences and overcompensate for negative stereotypes about their race. Their emotional labor, she suggests, can lead to debilitating minority burnout, and psychological distress. Long term, Audrée hopes to one day start a coalition of licensed professionals to provide free mental health care to low-income and uninsured minority patients statistically less likely to seek mental health care in mainstream facilities.

Adam Hines Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionThe University of Queensland
Host InstitutionUniversity of Pennsylvania
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
Award Year2022

Adam is a neuroscience PhD candidate at The University of Queensland, studying the way general anaesthesia allows complex surgeries to proceed safely and painlessly. General anaesthetic drugs have been used for over 150 years, however we still do not completely understand how they work.

Adam’s Fulbright Scholarship will take him to the University of Pennsylvania to work with Professor Roderic Eckenhoff and his team of experts in general anaesthesia to unravel how these drugs affect neurons at the molecular scale. Upon returning from the US, Adam will use his new skills to undertake translational, multidisciplinary neuroscience research in Australia.

Julian O'Shea Postgraduate Students

Home InstitutionMonash University
Host InstitutionUniversity of Kansas
Award NameFulbright Future Scholarship (Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation)
DisciplineIndustrial Design
Award Year2022

Julian is a designer, educator, social innovator and researcher within the Mobility Design Lab at Monash University. His project, Vehicle for Change, explores how sustainable vehicles – from solar tuk tuks to plastic bottle kayaks – can be used in public engagement and outreach. His Fulbright project will explore the design of e-bikes and scooters, incorporating the use of sustainable materials including bamboo – as well as video outreach and storytelling. Julian creates engaging educational video content for YouTube and TikTok, and was named the YouTube Breakout Creator for 2021 for his Unknown Melbourne series exploring urban design topics.