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A/Professor Graham Edgar Senior Scholars

Graham Edgar
Home InstitutionUniversity of Tasmania
Host InstitutionNatureServe and Conservation International, Arlington Virginia
Award NameFulbright Tasmania Scholar
DisciplineMarine Ecology
Award Year2010

Associate Professor Graham Edgar, is a marine ecologist at the University of Tasmania. Through his Fulbright, Graham will research the effectiveness of marine protected areas as a tool for biodiversity conservation at the Centre for Applied Biodiversity Science, Conservation International in Arlington, Virginia for four months. His project aims to improve marine conservation planning through the development of models that accurately predict ecological benefits arising from one important tool available to managers, “the declaration of marine reserves. In addition to his academic work, Graham enjoys scuba diving, photography, and visiting wild places, three activities he happily combines when facilitating the community-based Reef Life Survey program.

Professor Carolyn Evans Senior Scholars

Carolyn Evans
Home InstitutionUniversity of Melbourne
Host InstitutionAmerican University and Emory University
Award NameFulbright Senior Scholar
Award Year2010

Professor Carolyn Evans, Associate Dean (Research) at Melbourne Law School will use her Fulbright to go to Washington College of Law at American University and Emory University for three months. Carolyn will research religious freedom, looking at when and in what circumstances the law should recognise that people have consented to limitations on their religious freedom. She will examine this question in the context of employment, public school education and membership of religious groups. In addition to her Fulbright Scholarship, Carolyn has held a Rhodes Scholarship. Apart from her academic pursuits she has written children’s books for her own children, and enjoys reading and going to the theatre.

Professor Yogesan Kanagasingam Senior Scholars

Yogesan Kanagasingam
Home InstitutionCSIRO
Host InstitutionStanford University
Award NameFulbright Senior Scholar
DisciplineE-Health Research
Award Year2010

Professor Yogesan Kanagasingam, Research Director at the Australian e-Health Research Centre at the CSIRO will undertake research at Stanford University School of Medicine for four months through his Fulbright. Yogesan will develop and validate a new “non-invasive” imaging system for telemedicinebased screening of newborn babies for sight threatening conditions such as Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). ROP is the major cause of blindness in newborns and is unique to extremely low birth weight or premature babies. If found early enough the condition can be successfully treated with laser therapy to the retina. Apart from his professional work he has been pivotal in introducing new medical technologies for community eye screening, through the Lions Save Sight Foundation. He is also the President of the Australian Telehealth Society.

Professor Robert Park Senior Scholars

Home InstitutionUniversity of Sydney
Host InstitutionUnited States Department of Agriculture
Award NameFulbright Senior Scholar
DisciplineCereal Disease
Award Year2010

Professor Robert Park, Professor of Cereal Rust Research, the University of Sydney, will conduct his Fulbright research for almost four months at the Cereal Disease Laboratory, St Paul, USDA. He will research the genetic basis of resistance to a fungus-caused disease known as stem rust in cereals. Rust diseases of wheat have caused significant losses in wheat crops globally. Robert was awarded a Humboldt Fellowship in 1995 and in 2009 received the China Friendship Award, the highest award conferred by the Chinese Government to foreign experts. He also enjoys spending time with his family and has strong interests in general science, literature, woodwork, metalwork and mechanics.