Fulbright U.S. Scholarship in Australia-United States Alliance Studies

Applications are currently close and will re-open in Feb 2019

This special award is available to two U.S. citizens and aims to advance scholarship in the priority fields of strategic studies, technology and innovation. The awards will promote the exchange of ideas, research collaboration, and cultural understanding between American and Australian Scholars as well as the institutions that host them.


The Fulbright Scholarship in Australia-United States alliance studies are open to candidates who satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • Academics including PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers, lecturers, and professors in contemporary scholarship on the Alliance and issues of relevance to it
  • Professionals from public and private sectors associated with the Alliance and issues of relevance to it
  • Researchers looking into contemporary aspects of the Alliance and broader bilateral relationship (trade/economics/politics) of interest to both alliance partners

Scholarships Entitlements

  • A monthly stipend for a maximum of 4 months
  • An international travel entitlement
  • Health cover under Medicare (Scholar only)
  • Health and Accident Insurance (ASPE) to maximum of US$100,00 (Scholar only)
  • Access to Fulbright Alumni in the U.S. and Australia for social and professional networking
  • Support from the Fulbright Commission to assist with administration, visas and general enquiries
  • Dependents of scholars who will be enrolled in the Australian public school system in grades K-12 may have tuition fees waved
  • Scholars accompanied by eligible dependents may receive one, one-time dependent allowance (conditions apply)

For exact entitlement amounts please visit IIE Website 

Contact Information

For any queries related to entitlements or application processes please contact:

IIE Team

Alexa Rowland, Outreach and Recruitment via phone +1 646 308 7213 or email eastasiapacific@iie.org

Fulbright Team

Please contact the Fulbright scholarships team for any queries related to entitlements or application processes. fulbright@fulbright.org.au


More detailed information about the application process and a link to the online application from can be found of the IIE website. Please note that applications are currently open and will close on August 1st 2018.




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