Fulbright Doctorate and Graduate Program Opportunities

Applications open 31 March 2021

Whether your focus is biochemistry or archaeology we’re offering graduate programs and PhD research opportunities for talented individuals at Australian institutions. We’re looking for exceptional people who are driven to make a difference in their field.

These awards are available for academic work in any graduate program at any recognised Australian university. The Commission offers up to 7 awards annually.

Who Can Apply?

  • Doctorate students hoping to conduct PhD research in Australia for up to 10 months
  • Students hoping to complete up to 10 months of study in Australia as part of a U.S graduate student program
  • Students hoping to complete an Australian graduate student (postgraduate) program

Why Apply?

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is the largest U.S. exchange program in the world, offering opportunities for students and young professionals to undertake international graduate study and advanced research, worldwide. Fulbright U.S. Student alumni populate a range of professions and include ambassadors, members of Congress, judges, heads of corporations, university presidents, journalists, artists, professors, and teachers.

A Fulbright scholarship provides recipients with an un-paralleled opportunity to add a global context to their education, with tailored international experiences of up to two years.

If you have demonstrated academic excellence, are passionate about strengthening the United States ties to Australia and have a bold vision for your future, the Fulbright U.S Student Program could be right for you.


Scholarship entitlements vary per award. Please see individual scholarships for details.

Awards generally include:

  • A living allowance
  • Funding for international flights to/ from Australia
  • Health coverage under Medicare
  • Health and Accident Insurance (ASPE) to maximum of US$100,000 (Scholar only)
  • Access to Fulbright Alumni in the U.S. and Australia for social and professional networking
  • Support through the Fulbright Commission to assist with administration, visas and general enquiries.


Commencement of Program

Applicants who apply in 2020 should plan on starting their program in January/ February 2022. In some cases, the Commission will approve candidates to begin in June/July 2021.

2021 Postgraduate Opportunities

Fulbright Postgraduate (Graduate Student/ Doctoral Research) Scholarships The Fulbright Commission offers up to 6 Postgraduate Scholarships available in any field/ discipline. These awards support a 8 – 10 month research/study at an Australian institution.
Fulbright Future Scholarships

Funded by The Kinghorn Foundation
The Fulbright Future Scholarships are for U.S. students seeking to undertake Master’s study/PhD research as a visiting student researcher (VSR), or for U.S. academics who are interested in short-term collaborative research projects.  Applicants must propose study/research programs that have the potential for tangible impact on the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of Australians and Americans.
Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship

Funded by Western Sydney University
This scholarship will enable exceptional U.S. postgraduate students in the fields of environment, public health or creative and performance arts, to undertake 8 – 10 months research/ study at Western Sydney University.
Fulbright Anne Wexler Scholarship in Public Policy This scholarship enables a U.S. student with strong academic credentials and leadership potential to undertake a two-year Master’s degree in Australia in an area that supports Mrs Wexler’s bi-national interests in the field of public policy. These may include key areas such as health, sustainability, energy, climate change, regional security, education, political science, history or governmental relations.


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