Fulbright Professional Scholarship In Non-Profit Leadership

Sponsored by Origin Foundation with support from the Australian Scholarships Foundation.

The Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Non-Profit Leadership is the first Fulbright Scholarship for the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector in Australia. It provides an opportunity for an emerging leader in the NFP sector to undertake a program of research and/or professional development in the U.S. with an approved U.S. charitable organisation. The scholarship was officially launched on 10 November 2011 by then Ambassador of the United States of America, Jeffrey Bleich.

Who should apply?

In order to be competitive for the Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Non-Profit leadership, applicants will have:

  • An undergraduate qualification plus a minimum of ten years work experience.
  • A record of achievement gained from a minimum of three years employment at a mid to senior level position (Manager/Director) within the NFP sector,
  • An established leadership profile within the sector and a record of achievement (ideas and/or programs)
  • Demonstrated active participation /leadership on sector issues and policy development
  • Demonstrated impact through personal leadership, initiative and innovation in program development and delivery
  • Recognition by sector peers as a leader through election to office, awards/prizes/other recognition, etc.
  • High potential for further achievement, evidenced by reputation for integrity, general positive values and motivation to make a difference.
  • To enhance the scholarship opportunity, awardees will be encouraged to apply to Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business week-long residential Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders. Note, the Stanford program is run annually in August with a May application deadline; awardees would not need to apply until well after the Fulbright selection process has concluded.

Which organisations qualify as Not-for-Profit in Australia?

The terms “non profit’ (common US terminology) and “not-for-profit” or “NFP” (Australian equivalent terminology) are used interchangeably here, except where Australian qualifying criteria are specified.

Applicants must be from an Australian not-for-profit organisation that, in the opinion of the Commission, generally fits one or more of the following criteria:

  • has a charitable, community-public benefit or poverty relief purpose, as indicated by whether the NFP has Australian Tax Office TCC and/or DGR status, or “registered charity” status
  • is a social enterprise or business (organisations using a business model to provide a social benefit) and which may not have TCC/DGR status
  • other organisations with a community or public benefit purpose (generally evidenced by a “formal” governance structure, voluntary participation by members and independence from government) that do not fit the above categories

Are there any organisations that are ineligible for this Scholarship?

The Commission will generally exclude applicants from:

  • small unincorporated entities (informal organisations that provide sporting, recreational and social benefits)
  • organisations relying solely on member contributions e.g. mutuals and cooperatives (which provide benefits to members usually via a business activity) and licensed clubs (that provide services for a fee to members as well as grants to community organisations)
  • professional associations, self help clubs, non secular (religious purpose) organisations, government organisations carrying out the ordinary functions of government, social movements / campaigning organisations that work in the social change space, trade unions and political parties
  • schools, hospitals and universities, and government organisations except for their associated entities that have TCC/DGR status e.g. building funds, research foundations

What are the benefits?

Benefits are per the Professional General Award.

What are the conditions?

  • Funding is stipend based and is for a maximum duration of three months
  • Should the awardee be accepted to the Stanford program, and should the August timing work for them, their three-month grant would begin at Stanford University.
  • Other conditions are per the Professional General Award and  General Terms and Conditions.

To apply for this scholarship opportunity, please see the applicable checklist and PDF instructions for details – note, you will automatically be considered in the general Professional pool as well.