Professor Jim Bishop

Australian Fulbright Postgraduate Opportunities

Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships allow postgraduate students undertaking their Australian PhD to conduct research in the U.S. OR supports postgraduate students not currently enrolled in a degree program to undertake a U.S. postgraduate program such as a Master’s

Fulbright Scholar Award (funded by the University of Wyoming)

Open to academics at the level of associate professor or full professor, the Fulbright Scholar Award will afford Australian scholars the opportunity to undertake research and teach to two classes per semester that are strategically aligned to University of Wyoming research priority areas.

Australian Fulbright Scholar Opportunities

Fulbright Scholar Awards are for academics (at Associate Professor or Professorial level) and Mid-career professionals (with an undergraduate qualification and minimum 10 years work experience) to undertake research and/or training in the United States for 3-4 months in any discipline. 

Fulbright Indigenous Scholarships

The Fulbright Indigenous Scholarship is for an Indigenous scholar to undertake a research or study program in the United States, and is available in any field of academic study and across the Postgraduate, Postdoctoral, Professional and Senior Scholar Categories

Australian Fulbright Anne Wexler Scholarship in Public Policy

The scholarship enables an Australian postgraduate student with strong academic credentials and leadership potential to undertake a two year Master’s degree in the U.S. in an area that supports Mrs Wexler’s binational interests in the field of public policy.

Australian Fulbright Distinguished Chair Opportunities

The Distinguished Chair is viewed as the most prestigious appointment in the Fulbright Scholar Program, with approximately 40 Fulbright Distinguished Chairs across 15 countries.The Fulbright Distinguished Chair award is for an exceptional individual at professorial level to carry out research in the United States for up to 6 months.